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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  July 11, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm CDT

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we welcome our viewers are watching us around the country. up the road to acquire residential street. an elderly couple stepped to death.
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>> victims being worked on by the staff because it was within moments of the axle. by then it was already too late for the elderly woman. she stabbed to death inside of the hospital room. the hospitals immediately placed on lockdown as swarms of police officers searched the hospital grounds. investigators say after learning of the address and gary they then called gary pd and asked officers there to check of their home. officers forsterite and where they found the 88 year-old.
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>> a short time later after working some tips with the heywoods' neighbors began to scott team closed in on a suspect. kill senior citizens a? there were great people. just really great neighbors. >> talk about a motive. as of right now than an hour.
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unit they do not know or just not st. charges could be coming as early as this afternoon. we'll have the latest on wgn news. >> and autopsy is being performed on an infant who died at home in prospect heights. the baby girl found unresponsive at the condo complex yesterday morning. investigators did not say if there any signs of trauma. they said police had previous contact with her parents. no one was brought in for questioning. family of 16 will grow from lombard is morning her loss. she is on a trip to pennsylvania when she developed stomach flu like symptoms. family says she is not feeling well before she left. in serious
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condition today. chicago fire department divers were called to the lake near brent mar ave. reported seeing a man bought it up and down in the water. diver spotted him about 10 ft. from sure to pull out. paramedics performed cpr and were able to get a pulse. he was alone when he went into the what appeared his clothes were found on shore nearby. >> a court ordered jackson to pay $750,000 or risk losing his two homes. he is 200,000 of before entering prison last fall. paid off the balance with a wire transfer and may. has learneit was created at
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the law firm used as a jackson family friend. served prison time. jackson jr. is currently serving a 30 month prison sentence. former state representative is considering a plea deal in the federal child pornography case against him. farm is accused of the mailing videos of children being molested. >> on blue is buried in a deep hole. was just six years old when he fell into a hole at mount baldy. nearly 11 ft. of sand. amazing he survived. this area is still closed.
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>> him and was stuck in the cook county jail for more than 30 hours. tentative visiting one and the door slammed shut and locked. he had no food or water bath appeared he was finally freed when he set off the fire sprinkler system and firefighters responded. spokeswoman said officials are very sorry about an focused on figuring out why it happened. looking for a driver who ran of verse several canada geese. about 20 geese were crossing the intersection near hundred and fourth avenue hundred and 59th street. some of the geese were injured and died. someone from another vehicle saw this happen recorded and called police. pickup scored a major victory in their push to renovate it
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really field. they include several signs in the outfield. the video screen in left field will be smaller than originally proposed. rooftop onerous say all this would block this year and violate the contract with the cubs. if the threat of a lawsuit remains. the cubs say they are ready to get started. >> a new scam is targeting ipass users. customers received bogus females. they owe money for missing tolls. this can use is the easy pass logo and the mills are being sent from
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the easy path collection agency. if you have one of these females go ahead and delete it. what doctors have discovered about a little girl said to be cured of the hiv virus. >> the senator wants to know for undocumented immigrants coming into america have a criminal history. live on the controversial live on the controversial proposala1 im
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illinois senator since hundreds of unaccompanied minors across twho crossed the borders illegally. once know of any are here legally. we're getting details from a guatemalan official at the consulate here many if not most of those so-called border children are already here in chicago. merck and
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counselors many of these children traumatized by the violence that they have experienced. senator mark kirk expected to provide more information later today. in a written statement the senator has raised concerns about these children. if any of these individuals has a criminal record in the home country our government owes it to the american people to facilitate sharing of records and reassure our nation that these individuals pose no threat. talking to local officials here at the honduras council on the northwest side they say that any sharing of records is being handled at the national level to the honduran embassy in washington. the department of health and human services in charge of the 429 children once again spokespeople for the u.s. government not returning calls on this politically charged issue since the fall the united states has seen a wave of desperate children crossing the border from countries like honduras guatemala and el salvador. the
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been taken into custody by border patrols. the influx of children sparked an ugly incident in california with protesters clashing of sympathizers. many people demanding their immediate deportation. others calling for a much more humanitarian response arguing that these desperate kids are in fact refuges fleeing violence in the press of poverty back home. $3.7 billion to speed up the initial care. as we said many in the latino community not happy about the deportations. some of the children may in fact be gang members with extensive background.
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>> was there are young people that come fleeing the danger and criminality that exist in my country also there are others who are assassins and lazy people fleeing something. to some extent the guatemalan official with the council's general in chicago contesting that sang many of the children are trying to reunite with their parents. some of them better here in the united states. these children are scarred by some of the experiences they have had back home. much more to come on this. >> moving forward with plans to sue president obama over the health-care law. speaker has chosen which executive action and will be the focus. republicans will market the obama administration
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overstepped its authority when they decided in 2013 to delay the requirement to provide health-care coverage to workers. the president's move was in response to the gop challengers to the health care act. the president waived the requirement without getting approval from congress. we're talking about places are the president is rewriting the law to make it fit his own needs. >> you're going to sue me for doing my job? >> the republican- led house is expected to vote on legal action against the president just before the august recess. the israeli air strikes killed 11 more palestinians today. they fought to retaliate by firing rockets at israel's main international airport.
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>> secretary of state john kerry makes a surprise visit to afghanistan to it. hoping to resolve the dispute over the presidential election. both candidates to acknowledge that there was widespread fraud. each is claiming victory. one of the contenders is threatening to declare himself president. the allocation cannot advocataddressed. been kicked out of germany. officials say the united states has refused to cooperate with questions about an intelligence activities. after it was revealed the nsa had been monitoring the communications. the cia official has not been named. a man charged with killing four children and parents and texas collapsed in court today. the
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prosecutor of the charges against him. reportedly quipped for a second time. being treated at the county jail. prosecutors say they expect a grand jury to issue capital murder indictment. all this in connection with wednesday's shooting. 15 of girl survived by playing dead. authorities say forced his way into the home. said to be arraigned next month. police said it found several guns at the home of a teenager. >> 15 of the boy is charged as a juvenile for shooting at an armory. no motive was given. not clear if the suspect knew the victim. still trying to figure out how he was able to get into the armory. the details about the twelver old detroit boy missing for 11 days. according to court documents charles told authorities that he was forced
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to complete a work out twice a day. including 100 pushups 200 situps and 100 jumping jacks. if he did not finish in less than an hour he would have to start all over again. >> the boy lived with her father and step mom. >> and reportedly is so sore that he could not sit down at times. no charges have been filed at the case. >> a man accused of murdering his young son by leaving him in a high card to the has been fired from his job. use a computer specialist of home depot. use their work the day he left the 22 month old cooper harris in the store parking lot. police said justin harris was trading nude pictures over the internet with women. >> the youngest of
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the girl thought to be the first child of doctors recently detected hiv levels in material during a routine visit. the virus has been dormant for almost two years. doctors are giving the anti- viral medication appeared responding well to them and may have to be treated for the rest of their life. you consume do so lucky thing your existing cell phone. advanced a bill similar to the existing law. the bill does not cover other wireless devices such as tablets or ipad. the film will be voted on by the full senate. as people were walking into minnesota 03 guerrillas are walking out of their cages. the
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laughter cage is just before 10 am. their habitat door was left unlocked. keeping visitors and doors to be safe. took about 20 minutes to secure to of the group. the third is found in a storage room. tranquilizers were on standby. fortunately they never had to use them. the richest taking a walk. later in sports james makes it official he is heading back to cleveland. another day another recall. this time chrysler issues one for nearly 900,000
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not a lot of movement. chrysler will recall almost 900,000 vehicles. fix the wiring for some your lights to prevent short circuits. the recall affects jeep grand cherokees and of stirring bills. stretching from 2011 to 2014. according to the complaint and was on has been allowing children to run up on limited charges without their parents knowledge. amazon changed its policy allowing parental permission for purchases over $20. allowed unlimited purchases for 20 bucks. the lawsuit is not seeking crime. in january
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apple settled for thwith the fcc. agreed to pay eight $22 million fine. more trouble for lulu lemon. advising them against using sun block. sunscreen absorber into the skin might be worse. sending customers a misleading message. a spokesperson for the cancer center says there is no solid proof to the belief that sunscreen is harmful. they responded to the latest controversy. a collection of statements that are intended to spark conversation that is relevant at the time. >> coming up in sports. it is official james is coming home. he is going back to coming home. he is going back to cleveland. a1
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time for sports. the biggest free agent is returning home to cleveland. he says he is ready to accept the challenge and bring a championship to cleveland. he says he has always believed he would finish his career with the cavaliers. compared his four years with the miami heat like going away
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to college. carmel and the man has yet to announce where he will go but it is reportedly down to the new york mixed the lakers and the bulls. >> first cup player to win it. he is going to his first all-star game. he led all votes with nearly 9 million. the chicago cubs rookie pitched six innings in his major-league debut. it was tied in the ninth money through inside and he exchanged words. the benches cleared. no punches were thrown. no ejections. he has won off the right- field wall. the go- ahead run scores.
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the inside the park and run. he was thrown out at home. it did not matter. the chicago cubs win 6-4 to snap a season high. yet the white sox going for a series win in boston. until the pinch hitter raps on the other one around the fall poll. his homer in three straight games. drives and the winning run with a base hit to left. a lose 2- they lose 4-3. .rist
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another absolutely lovely day. the weekend will have its hours. we're going to be dodging some pretty formidable thunderstorm clusters during the day tomorrow. a couple of them could sneak into parts of the area tonight. sunday looks pretty good. we will tell you more about that. we're all look for possible severe weather on saturday. john jacobs fund the end of this rainbow in his backyard. no word on whether there is a pot of gold there. it is kind of neat. a little window there. >> this dramatic close-up of building dreamless towers from north and wisconsin's price county. a little town northwest of woodruff. a beautiful part of the world. an
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interesting take on these towering cumulus. says they look like beer mugs. they really do. but it is bright orange backyard sunset. at 625 in the morning. a larger and often slightly greater fool mom. the moon is within 90% of its closest track to the pass of the earth. that is interesting. a lot of clout in the forecast. these clubs announced the march of some showers in our direction. the beginning of a move towards a warmer and
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more humid regime. some of this will track east. you also bring gulf moisture up into the mix. these are all of the ingredients to put together some pretty formidable thunderstorms. here you concede the warm air and how rich is northward. the beginning of the pool that has been much discussed. that gets in here on tuesday. we warm up pretty expeditiously. already 82 al conklin. crueler temperatures. the beautiful shot of our skyline. here is the view from the north shore. midway already up to 80 degrees. lansing at 77 degrees. a little like cooling. the
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dew points are low. no problem with the temperatures. >> only 39 percent humidity. that change as this weekend. toughs mold information pollen information. proof that you can be below normal in july and still be pretty comfortable. we're only in the upper 70's. surging temperatures and humidities put in place the elements or ingredients for bic thunderstorms. 4% chance over night. a 70 percent chance of storms. 50 percent chance plate and the day on sunday. here's the warmer air. here is the cooler air pool that is driving south word. the district has gone into a very wavy
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pattern. a burst of warmth and energy up into the northern pacific. that boggles the jet stream. the jet stream response by buckling all over the hemisphere. and getting rid no pattern. down comes a pretty vigorous global july cooler air. about a third of our allies have produced daytime high temperatures that have failed to reach 70 at one point or another. this one might even get up to 70 degrees on tuesday. here's a look at where the showers are right now. a couple of them are making their way into northwest illinois. before castoff of our models, there may be a couple of little showers near not painting there. there are some towards daybreak. these are runs toward noon. a couple of models to show you. the humidity and dew points which are low in the '50s when
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they get up to 70 the start feeling it. look what happens tomorrow. the team and in the '70s. the flood of moisture will set up these waves of thunderstorms. the closer look at how they will look at midnight. that is daybreak tomorrow. over this area tomorrow and tomorrow night. keep an eye on the storms. there may be some weather warnings. here's our forecast for the chicago area appeared slight warming is expected today. >> high temperature today. 82. tonight scattered evening showers. partly cloudy. a few more extensive
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thunderstorm clusters. while temperatures 66. south wind at 6-16 mi. per hour. severe weather risk tomorrow. this will come on a couple occasions. some big storms in the area. a better chance later in the day as we get daytime heating working in the atmosphere. anyone of these storms. there sunday. son but building clouds and a thunderstorm. less coverage. ahmad hamid and 87. >> cooking with the ear and lunch break. the top five nations that brew beer in china united states to rush of germany and which other country? and which other country? fow
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the official drawing of the illinois lottery. >> best of luck. first game pick3. first lucky number 6.
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>> hope we were having a fabulous friday. here we go with pick4. start it off right. first lucky number 6.
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winning pick 4 6-5-2-1 fireball 8 lucky day lotto jackpot 100,000 dollars. best of luck. >>mega millions 32 million dollars. have a glorious million dollars. have a glorious
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men who have a sick man of a 10% greater chance of developing prostate cancer. >> breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer in men. the defense department is backing multi million dollar program to develop a brain implant that will help improve memory. , hope to
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have it completed in the next four years. researchers are trying to determine if meditating can help slow down the aging process. stress is believed to have damaging effects on specific dna sequences which are linked to beijing. noticeably long bundles who didn't. typically havdiabetes heart disease or alzheimer's strokes of all been linked to a shorter starting >> our celebration on friday. >> celebrity chef is
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here with an award >> celebrity chef is here with an award winning brewmaster.a1 im
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ugh. heartburn. did someone say burn? try alka seltzer reliefchews. they work just as fast and are proven to taste better than tums smoothies assorted fruit. mmm. amazing. yeah, i get that a lot. alka seltzer heartburn reliefchews. enjoy the relief. it is 5:00 somewhere and it is friday. enhanced with ginger lemon grass. celebrity chef is here. he is the owner of a spot in san francisco. that is a pretty impressive as of may. he is joined by fifth generation master brewer george rice from anheuser- busch. we have to
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show off as little metal here. you have to wear it. was knighted by the belgian breweries in 2011. even more so i have to put this on and i'm very proud of that. using the beer and our recipe today which i must say smell so good already. >> to originally from france. it is known that it is a beer country. if has influenced cooking a lot there. that is one of the dishes we were cutting back at home. >> a color that the
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beef has already. we're actually going to glaze it with the beer. >> beer is meant to be shared. why not have a big bottle and cook with it? >>he is 6th generation in our family. i do not use water in our kitchen. a lot of chefs believe that too. >>that is terrific. going to simmer for
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4-5 hours very slowly. imagine how your house will smell. that is what we are obtaining here. so pork tender. they are very exciting. you can serve it and make a presentation. like a sausage. cutting it once, kind of room temperature. there is no trick. >>just the platic film. >>it is very rustic, very simple, very inexpensive. prepare
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those ahead of time. entertaining about 10 people at home. put them in the oven another 10 minutes. roll it and tie it up. 2 days if you wish. trying to figure out the timing. the pairing is what really pairs really well. the citrus feel. it is aged in a cabarnet barrel. >>it is like a wine. >>you can drink some
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anyway. >>i am smelling it like a wine. >>take a sip. can you do that? as long as it is just a sip. >>it has tartness. it has a lot of body. refreshing and easy to drink. that is really good. you can see how tender it is. the combination of the beer and brown sugar. >>i would love to. thank you so much. >> a great reipcipe. >>i appreciate you being here. learn more about all of his restaurants. he will being a demonstration at the taste of chciago.klienlvin den
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the lake is ry unning 14 inches higher. 72 at the chicago shoreline. a little bit cool.
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moisture we could have an inch and a a quarter as an average. it will range anywhere from 16 hundreths. here is a model forecast. heavier amounts in some locations. down ot the 70s monday and low 70s tuesday. have a great low 70s tuesday. have a great weekend.
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the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups: the police, who investigate crime and the district attorneys, who prosecute the offenders. these are their stories. audio check, audio check. is that the guy? yeah. that's a first. drug dealer shows up early. let's do it. you morales? you got everything we need? i didn't hear nothing about two people. oh, you want the money i got the money. flynn: gun! ( two gunshots )


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